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About Us
Fitness Formula Gym & Spa is the ultimate Gym that cares for you as well as a designed for you. This is because you deserve more attention  that you’ve been giving yourself lately. Its well equipped Gym & Spa offers convenient & affordable wellness services under one roof.
We’re serious about creating outstanding experiences but just being here is a joy. Our treatments are relaxing and comfortable We offer an honest and customized approach to health and beauty which cuts through  many of the illusions and myths that surrounds fitness and beauty today.
The Approach of Fitness formula is smart, versatile, honest, very effective & we have holistic well being of our customer’s at heart. Our experiences are authentic – they work. Some are inspired by local traditions, plants and herbs, Others are designed for specific results like stress relief, diminishing the appearance of the lines etc., some are just pure pampering. Whatever the result, we make sure all of our experience just wonderful. Fitness formula facilities include a state of the art gym, and spa with treatments rooms, steam and chilled showers. Our endeavour is to make a beautiful difference in your life
About Mr. Dinesh Thakur

Fitness Formula Gym & Spa is Professionally managed by Mr. Dinesh Thakur who specializes in setting up and successfully running of Gym and Spa under the brand name of Body Fitness Health Club for the last 20 Years. He is ably supported by his professional partners, with extensive exposure and experience in Marketing, Branding and PR.

He is a strong believer that Quality is one of the Important pillars in developing a competitive advantage, which enable us to achieve market superiority and above average performances.

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